Welcome to Geometric Geology

I love rocks.  I love learning about how they form.  I love collecting them.  I love cutting, sculpting and polishing them.  This website is dedicated to showing some of the creations I have made along with some background about the rocks.

Why “Geometric” geology?  Everything around us has a shape, size and form.  These can all be defined by geometry.  In cutting, sculpting and polishing rocks I like to explore the natural shapes of the original rocks and juxtapose that against unexpected geometrical shapes.  

In addition I like to maintain a contrast between the colors and patterns that are exposed upon cutting and polishing rocks with the natural beauty, texture and colors of the original rock faces.  I believe this creates unique pieces that capture both the hidden beauty found within rocks with the natural beauty and shape created by nature.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site and I hope to see you some day at a local sale.